• Remove pallet straps.
  • Remove metal guard located above evaporative cooling pads.
  • Remove center cooling pad by gently pulling pad outward. Additional pads may be removed to allow more access to inside of fan.
  • Casters, channels and screw package are located inside unit.
  • Cover flat surface with a large cloth or tarp. Place unit (cooling pads down) on surface.
  • To attach casters to unit, insert four screws and washers into each caster and then into channel. Align channel with pre-drilled holes on bottom of fan housing and tighten screws.
  • Stand unit upright.
  • Check pump for upright position.
  • Check spray bar and splash guard for proper alignment. (see Manual)
  • Replace cooling pads, inserting center pad last.
  • Attach metal guard over cooling pads and tighten screws.
  • Attach water hose to unit and turn on water supply.
  • Turn on pump to begin water flow.
  • Turn on fan to begin enjoying your MEGA-Breeze evaporative cooler!

NOTE: Minerals found in some water supplies may cause bubbles to form. If you experience a bubbling problem after unit is in operation, flush unit of all water and refill reservoir. Cooling pads should become accustomed to these minerals and cease to bubble. If problem continues or is excessive, add a bio-guard anti-foaming agent to reservoir, which is available at most swimming pool supply stores.