Where can I purchase the MEGA-Breeze?
Our product is available factory-direct or through our various distributors. Contact us at 870-642-7270 for the nearest location.
What are my payment options?
Purchases may be made by check, credit card or money order. Towering Industries accepts VISA, Master Card, American Express.
What is the warranty on the MEGA-Breeze?
From date of purchase, Towering Industries guarantees any part or parts of the unit for one year. Upon examination by factory-authorized personnel, parts found to be defective in material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at no cost. Complete and mail warranty card located in operating manual within 15 days of purchase.
How do I order replacement parts?
An order form for replacement parts is included with each MEGA-Breeze manual. Orders may be placed by phone or email. Orders must be prepaid by check or credit card. Sales tax charged where applicable. Orders are also available by contacting Towering Industries at 870-642-7270.
Who do I call for operating or maintenance assistance?
Call Customer Service at 870-642-7270 (M-F 8am 5pm CST).
How do I become a distributor for the MEGA-Breeze?
A distributor packet is available by calling 870-642-7270. The completed agreement and a copy of your sales tax permit are required. There is no fee to become a distributor.